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Dropshippers and Wholesalers> B2B> Wholesale Jewelry Makers> Precious Metal Jewelry> Wholesale Silver Jewelry Suppliers> Australian Company 925 Silver Australia

Australian supplier 925 Silver Australia listed on our wholesale silver jewelry suppliers and distributors category. Suppliers of wholesale Silver jewelry, stirling silver plated, silverware, and precious metal jewellery, and other related jewelry made by silversmiths.

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925 Sterling Silver Australia
Australian suppliers of stirling silver jewellery products out of Perth in Western Australia. Supplies a range of stirling silver jewelry, bracelets, aerrings, studs, anklets, pendants, dolphin jewelry, surfboard pendants, silver bangles, ethnic, tribal neckbars, surgical belly bars, and surf jewellery items.

Some of the popular products offered by 925 Silver include..
Surgical Steel Bars
Earrings & Studs
Earrings Hoops
Mulit-Stone Bracelets
Summer Necklaces
Tribal Neckbars
Ocean Range
Wave Rings & Bangles
Surfboards Pendants
Dolphin Jewellery
Silver bangles

925 Silver are Australian Wholesale Jewellery distributors in the city of Perth, Western Australia supplying Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewellery, Surf Jewelry, Tribal, Dolphin Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets and Wholesale Jewellery for retailers in Australia.

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925 Silver Australia - Wholesale Australian Silver Jewelry
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