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List of frozen meat suppliers and distributors of merchandise from countries worldwide. Browse frozen meat products which include chilled beef, meats placed in the freezer, frozen chickens, iced meat, and other froze meat for human consumption.

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Abil Meat Halal
French meat supplier of halal foods in Europe. Supplies frozen meats, camels, lamb, beef, veal, goats, and halal meat products. Halal meat is prepared using tradition muslim methods according to Islam. Abil Meat Halal are French Wholesale Food suppliers supplying Wholesale Meat, Halal Meat, Halal Food, Frozen Meat, Camel, Lamb and Wholesale Beef for food retailers in France and Europe.

Elidar Butchers
Meat suppliers and butchers in Moscow Russia supplying frozen meats throughout the country. Meat processors and distributors of imported frozen meat, beef products, pork products and processed meats and sausages. Elidar Butchers are Food Supplies in Russia in the city of Moscow supplying Wholesale Meat, Pork, Sausages, Frozen Food and Wholesale Beef for meat retailers in Russia.

Fresh Gourmet
Wholesale Greek food supply company located in Crete, Greece in Europe. Supplying a range of frozen food meals, ready to cook meals, Mediterranean foods, tv dinners, Cretan diet foods, and ready to eat desserts. Savoury meals include beef, pork, seafood, lamb meals, minced meat, poultry, rabbit, pasta meal, and frozen chicken meals. Fresh Gourmet are Greek Food Distributors in the city of Crete, supplying Wholesale Frozen Meals, Frozen Meat Meals, Ready to Cook Meals, Mediterranean Food, and European Meals for food shops in Greece and Europe.

Guttenberg Farms
Certified Halal and non-Halal poultry products directly from the farm. Ships USDA certified organic turkeys and chickens worldwide and provides custom labeling for customers. Guttenberg Farms are American Wholesale Food suppliers in the city of Taylor, Wisconsin supplying Wholesale Poultry Suppliers, Wholesale Chicken Supplies, Frozen Meat, Organic Meat, Halal Meat, and Wholesale Turkeys for food retailers in the United States of America.

Idilbay Butchers
Russian butchers of meat products with headquarters in Moscow, Mozhaysk shaft, Russia. Processors of pork, lamb, beef, mutton, veal and poultry. Products include fresh meat, frozen meat, sausages, chicken wings, beef kebabs, suckling pig, lamb tenderloin, steaks, tongue, and choice cuts of animals. Idilbay Butchers are Russian Food Suppliers in the city of Moscow supplying Wholesale Meat, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Sausages, Frozen Meat, Hotdog Frankfurts, Salami, Frozen Chicken and Wholesale Beef for food retailers in Russia.

JR Butchers
British butchers and meat suppliers of halal meat in London, England. Supplies a range of meat cuts, halal turkey, ducks, poultry, chicken, beef, lamb, mutton, frozen meat, seafood, and meats prepared for Ramadan. JR Butchers are English Wholesale Food suppliers in London, UK supplying Meat, Halal Food, Frozen Meat, Poultry, Lamb, Seafood, Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Wholesale Halal Meat suppliers for food retailers in France and Europe.

Maret Meat
Turkish meat product suppliers based in Tasdelen Istanbul, Turkey. Company owned by the Turkish conglomerate company Koc Holding. Products include sausage meat, Turkish sucuk, salami, jambon, pastrami meat, frozen sausages, tripe jelly, smoked tongue, cocktail frankfurts, hotdogs, frozen meatballs, frozen hamburger meat and other related products. Maret are Turkish Wholesale Food suppliers in the city of Istanbul supplying Wholesale Meat, Sausages, Frozen Meat, Turkish Sucuk, Salami and Wholesale Hot Dog Suppliers for food shops throughout Turkey and Europe.

Pomkop Deli Meats
Russian meat supply company of delicatessen foods and prepared meats in Zhukov, Russia. Provides a range of specialty meats, deli meat, bacon rashers, cured pork, ham, brisket, frozen meat, chilled pork ribs, cooked sausages, salami, cured sausage, frankfurters, wieners, hot dog meats, saveloy, fresh chilled meat, fresh beef cuts, fresh pork cuts, ternderloins, minced meat, and cold cuts. Pomkop Meats are Russian Foods Wholesale in the city of Zhukov supplying Wholesale Meat, Deli Meats, Sausage Suppliers, Frozen Meat, Pork, Beef, Ham, Salami and Wholesale Hot Dog Distributors for food shops throughout Russia and Europe.

Ralph's Meat Company
Australian beef suppliers with headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Supplying halal prepared meat, beef, lamb, mutton, veal, and offal products supplied frozen or chilled. Beef products from Veal, Yearling, Steer, Cow and Bull animals. Ralphs Meat Company are Australian Wholesale Food suppliers in the city of Melbourne, Victoria supplying Wholesale Meat, Halal Meat, Frozen Meat and Wholesale Beef for f&b retailers in Australia.

Browse our list of wholesale frozen meats suppliers and distributors of products worldwide. List your wholesale Frozen Meat company. We list frozen beef distributors, iced meat supplies, dropshippers of meat items, B2B red meat companies, and producers worldwide. Also available online Frozen Food Suppliers and Frozen Seafood Suppliers.

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