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Fresh Gourmet is a Greek company on the list of frozen food suppliers and distributors of merchandise from countries worldwide. Browse frozen food and drink products which include meats, seafood, frozen vegetables, iced fruit, freezer food, frozen yoghurt, and other frozen foods and drinks.

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Fresh Gourmet
Wholesale Greek food supply company located in Crete, Greece in Europe. Supplying a range of frozen food meals, ready to cook meals, Mediterranean foods, tv dinners, Cretan diet foods, and ready to eat desserts. Savoury meals include beef, pork, seafood, lamb meals, minced meat, poultry, rabbit, pasta meal, and frozen chicken meals.

Gourmet cuisine includes:
vegetable mousaka
vegetable lasagne
Greek traditional recipes
traditional Cretan flavours
Beef with tomato and onions
Lamb "Tahir curry"
Pork escalope with spicy sauce
Octopus with Tomato sauce and onions
Cuttlefish Tantzin with vegetables
Perch Fish with ouzo and tomato
Chicken "Cacciatore"
Chicken Mediterranean
Turkey escalope with mustard sauce
Greek Moussaka
Meatballs with wine, oregano and lemon
Rabbit with sun dried fruit
Mediterranean vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, tomato)
Lasagna with vegetables
Sauce Bolognaise

Fresh Gourmet are Greek Food Distributors in the city of Crete, supplying Wholesale Frozen Meals, Frozen Meat Meals, Ready to Cook Meals, Mediterranean Food, and European Meals for food shops in Greece and Europe.


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